Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Magical-Banana (Satsuki Brainstorm 3)

I’m thinking if I can make this as an multiple online game play. Random word will come up on the screen. The first player will think something related to the word, for example: If very first word was “Banana”…. Then the first player will think of something that’s related to Banana, so…. “Yellow”….. then the next player will think something that is related to “Yellow”…. So 2nd player will type “Lemon”…. Then the 3rd player or can the the 1st player again to type something related to what the previous player wrote. …
I don't think there’s any story for this game… J
Maybe I will add some “how to play” with Flash….or Help with In-Design…. Since I bought an Adobe software, I would like to use Adobe programs to create my games. I would like to know how to use In-Design, and Photoshop… So for this game, I will add some pictures of Hawaii for background.

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