Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fitness Cheerleader (Satsuki Brainstorm 1)


The player will start exercise with (handsome/pretty) coach and when the player reaches the goal, the short story starts. During the story, the coach will test if you can do certain amount of (push up, sit up) in time limit. If you pass, the player will get some rewards. There’s free practice mode and story mode.


The player can be a male or female, (if I can make both stories in time, yay!) suppose you are FAT, and need exercise to satisfy him / herself. So, the player will meet with the coach at the gym. The coach will tell you mean things in the beginning but the more you play the game and complete the mission, coach will become sweet and kind. haha


I’m not a good artist, but I always wanted to try using the HTML5 & CSS3.

For the characters, I would like to try use the Illustrator. And its 2D game.

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